Platform and Services

WellDoc's modular platform can be configured to support health environments ranging from medication adherence to complex multi-disease management.

At the system's foundation is a seamless integration of technology, real-time data, analytics, ease-of-use and collaboration that ultimately drive improved metabolic outcomes and reduced health care costs.

We also recognize patients' conditions are comprised of many individual elements needing to be contextualized and translated. WellDoc's multi-disease management helps to achieve behavioral change and continued adherence through sustained influence over the patient’s multiple chronic states, increased health care provider connectedness and enhanced patient self-determination.

WellDoc's system for patient segmentation initiates this behavioral change. By assessing where patients are in their multi-disease lifecycles, what their levels of engagement are, and how they are able to cope from a psychological and social perspective, we can provide acute feedback to improve their health knowledge. When the level of understanding is increased, a successful cooperative care plan follows.

The framework for data interpretation is developed to take patients a step further in their care plans by creating context for how specific data and feedback applies to their multi-disease states. Establishing this connection between actions and outcomes empowers patients to self-manage. The system calibrates to address challenges, provides reminders for medication regimens and appointment tracking, and gives psychological and social support when patients need it most.

Every disease state requires multiple specialties, yet disease management companies have never fully utilized primary care doctors until now. WellDoc's care coordination cultivates a process that relays the type of information patients are looking for, while establishing a platform to engage health care providers in the overall wellness plan. The provider-patient relationship is subsequently strengthened through continuous communication and information sharing.

WellDoc envisions a world where our products and services become the fundamental building blocks for health care innovation and can be broadly applied or customized to a market-size of one: personalized medicine.