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At no additional cost, you and your dependents with type 2 diabetes are eligible to use the FDA-Cleared BlueStar® app as part of your daily diabetes care.

How Do I Get Started?
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Digital Diabetes Coaching… Just for You!

BlueStar® is a mobile and desktop app that acts as your digital diabetes coach. It’s easy to use and gives you real-time tips on how to better self-manage your diabetes. BlueStar® also helps you share your progress with your doctor and diabetes care team.

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BlueStar Features

Stay Supported and Connected

Real-time coaching

In the moment feedback and encouragement

Chat with Experts

Ask questions to a team of diabetes experts

Personalized Insights

The more you use BlueStar, the smarter it gets

Smart Challenges

Find new ways to meet your diabetes goals

“The miracle of modern science is not a new pill. It is a smartphone app called BlueStar”

-The Economist

Your health is about more than your Blood Glucose.

In addition to BG, BlueStar tracks and analyzes your:

  • Running Icon Exercise
  • Scale Weight
  • medication icon Medications
  • blood pressure icon Blood Pressure
  • sleep icon Sleep
  • food icon Food

“With BlueStar, I got my life back”

Candy Barnes, BlueStar User

Begin Your BlueStar Journey

Access Code: CBSHEALTH

On Your Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Search for “BlueStar Diabetes” and download
  2. In the app, select “Sign Up” and enter your access code.
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On the Web

  1. Click Here to Launch the BlueStar Web
  2. Select “Sign Up” and enter your access code.

Official Rules for Promotion

You may download the app at any time. However, in order to be eligible for the gift card, you must use features within the app at least eight (8) times within a 30-day period. Features include logging your medicine, pairing your meter or fitness tracker, accessing learning resources, etc. Simply logging in and logging out do not count toward feature use. This promotion is applicable for eligible users only. Eligibility has been determined by your health plan provider. This offer cannot be transferred to any third party for any reason. Your card will be issued by a gift card provider, and you are subject to their terms and conditions regarding the expiration of the gift card. Limit one (1) gift card per user. Gift cards will be delivered electronically to your email address on file. Gift cards will only be issued to eligible members. Gift cards will be processed upon completion of the promotional period, ending September 30, 2019.

Are you interested in BlueStar?

Currently BlueStar is only offered through some insurance plans, hospitals, and employers. Enter your name and email address in the form below to be included on our mailing list for more information!