Personalized diabetes coaching – anytime, anywhere

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An easier way to manage diabetes
Meet ByramConnect™–an easy-to-use digital health app that can help you manage your diabetes and make better decisions about your health–while strengthening connections to care teams.
Imagine — a personal health coach on any smartphone or tablet.

Diabetes care—anytime, anywhere

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Sync devices and stay connected
By connecting with 400+ smart devices, including fitness trackers and blood glucose meters, track important vital signs—and gain access to health metrics in one place.
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Make more informed health decisions

Personalized digital coaching and insights can help you better self-manage diabetes. Get real-time feedback on your health, like if your glucose is out of range. You also have access to educational articles and videos with ByramConnect U, helping you better understand what affects your health.
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Give your care team more tools to enhance your care

With the SMART Visit Report®, you can share health data and insights with your doctor and care team — guiding important discussions and decisions, both during and between visits.
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SMART report
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Understand how diet may affect health

Learn how different foods influence the mind and body. Simply snap a picture of a meal and get nutrition information, search healthy recipes, or explore Meal Planner and Restaurant Helper.
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Use smart medication reminders

Easily input medications, or securely import them from the pharmacy. Use reminders to help keep track of all medications—to help you avoid missing a dose.
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Track fitness & troubleshoot sleep

Understand how sleep and exercise may affect you. Problem-solve sleep issues and find new fitness motivation.

How the ByramConnect App can help

Learn more about how ByramConnect can help you self-manage your diabetes.

Download ByramConnect App

Access Code: HCU4U

  1. Search for “ByramConnect” in Google Play or the App Store and download.

    Or scan the code with your smartphone camera.

  2. In the app, select “Sign Up” and enter access code: ALLCARE4U
Call Customer Care at
1-888-611-4794, available Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM (ET)
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    1. Search for “ByramConnect” in Google Play or the App Store and download. Or scan the code with your smartphone camera.
  1. In the app, select “Sign Up” and enter access code: HCU4U

Please contact ByramConnect Customer Care at 1-888-527-6688.
Available Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM (ET).

Quick tips

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Personalize the experience. Automatically import medications from pharmacy or patient portal — or import by hand.

Go to: More > Medications > Import Medications
Or go to: More > Medications > Create/Update Medication List
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Every health journey begins with a single step. Once devices are synced, data can be immediately uploaded to the Logbook.

Go to: More > Connections & Devices > Glucose Meter
Or go to: More > Connections & Devices > Health and Fitness Trackers
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Great care requires great communication. Send SMART Visit Report to keep care team updated on progress and to get support between office visits.

Go to: More > Health Information > SMART Visit Report. Add doctor’s name and contact information
Schedule a report to be sent every 30 days.
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Customize the experience. Modify settings and ensure that ByramConnect is synced to daily schedule, language, and email preferences.

Go to: More > Settings > My Daily Schedule
Go to: More > Settings > My Preferences > Language
Go to: More > Settings > My Preferences > Marketing Emails and Product Emails

ByramConnect™ is indicated for use by healthcare providers (HCPs) and their patients – aged 18 years and older – who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. ByramConnect is intended to provide secure capture, storage, and transmission of glucose data as well as information to aid in diabetes self-management. ByramConnect analyzes, and reports glucose test results and supports medication adherence. In addition, ByramConnect provides coaching messages (motivational, behavioral, and educational) based on real-time glucose values and trends. It includes software intended for use on mobile phones or personal computers in the home or in professional healthcare settings. The software also allows for entry of other diabetes-related healthcare information and provides educational information.

The following ByramConnect insulin management features are for prescription use only:

  • For bolus insulin users with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, ByramConnect includes an insulin dose calculator* to allow patients to use their prescribed regimen to calculate a dose of bolus insulin for a given amount of carbohydrates and/or glucose value.

ByramConnect is not intended to replace the care provided by a licensed healthcare professional, including prescriptions, diagnosis, or treatment.

*Insulin Dose Calculator may also be referred to as Insulin Calculator

The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. We protect it in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
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