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Claire Leurent, PhD, MBA


Claire Leurent is Managing Director at Samsung Ventures with a focus on Life Science, Health Economics and Digital Health.

Claire brings scientific and clinical perspectives to the Board, as well as strategic and operational experience from her years in pharma developing small molecules, biologics and digital technologies. She also brings insights regarding the conduct of business in a highly regulated industry and in international business.

Prior to Samsung Ventures, she spent 14 years in the pharmaceutical industry in R&D. At Pfizer, she led teams in design and implementation of clinical plans from First in Human to Proof of Concept studies with end-to-end accountability for various drug development programs.

Prior to Pfizer, Claire supported large global multicentric phase 3 preregistration studies and launch activities at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Neuroscience and Women Health.

Prior to Wyeth, she was Project Manager at Forenap, a neuroscience CRO, where she advanced a portfolio of clinical protocols for diverse global pharma clients. In this position, she acquired first-hand operational experience in clinical trials and oversaw First in Human studies at the Phase 1 center.

Claire earned her PhD in molecular and cellular biology at the Institute of Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC) of Strasbourg, France. She also earned a certificate in Pharmacology from La Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris VI), and the FIEC certificate in Clinical Trial conduction from Louis Pasteur University (ULP, Strasbourg). She earned her MBA at MIT Sloan.