Richard Katz

Richard Katz


Dr. Richard Katz received his BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his MD degree from the New York University. He completed his medical residency at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Boston City Hospital and his cardiology fellowship at Georgetown University. Currently, Dr. Katz is the Bloedorn Professor of Cardiology and Director of the Division of Cardiology and the Heart and Vascular Institute at the George Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Katz has been an author or coauthor on over 100 manuscripts and over 100 abstracts. Over the past 10 years his research has focused on applications of mobile health in acute and chronic diseases. He has been the recipient of grants from the District of Columbia Department of Health, Qualcomm Communications, the McKesson Foundation, CTIA Foundation, the Department of Defense, the Merck Foundation and the Aetna Foundation.

His mHealth projects have targeted medication adherence, diabetes, heart failure, and hypertension management. Dr. Katz recently completed a 3 year $2,000,000 project funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute comparing diabetes outcomes assisted by mHealth alone, community health workers alone, and the combination. He also completed a two year NIH funded study comparing use of a cell phone nutrition app versus traditional nutritionist consultation with patients with diabetes. Dr. Katz has been an invited panelist at the NIH/Robert Wood Johnson Foundation mHealth Evidence Workshop, the FDA Mobile Medical Applications Draft Guidance Workshop and the FCC mHealth Task Force.


Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level