Vanessa Guzman

Vanessa Guzman

Mrs. Guzman is an expert in population health strategies, including patient and physician engagement strategies, clinical reporting, health IT and quality management models and President at SmartRise Health.

With almost 15 years of industry experience, she’s work closely with health systems, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), and technology partners to collaborate with physicians and hospitals in implementing data driven tools, clinical infrastructures and community partnerships to promote wellness and improve patient health outcomes. She has also spearheaded new wraparound care structures with private practice community providers to promote proactive preventive health, community-based organization partnerships to promote social determinants of health, and improve delivery and cost effectiveness of chronic care services and procedures. These initiatives help enable healthcare stakeholders evaluate what is working, and what needs to be rethought to better meet individual patient needs.

Mrs. Guzman plays a strategic role in helping ACOs, payors, technology and community partners maximize revenue streams. Over the years, she has help create strategy plans to streamline regulatory and quality requirements, initiating multi-year patient engagement programs, and leading a number of CMS and NYS models such as Next Generation accountable care organization (ACO), MACRA/MIPS, DSRIP and VBP QIP models. Under her leadership and consulting advisory she has successfully implemented Incentive and value-based programs helping organizations across the country leverage more than $500M in State and CMS funds, by reducing administrative costs, hospital acquired conditions, and ensuring patients receive timely primary care and follow-up visits after hospitalization.

Mrs. Guzman has been responsible for the integration of HIE and telehealth products, clinical documentation improvement, reimbursement models and provider services with technology partners. She has successfully implemented improvement solutions and innovation, including remote retinopathy screening for patients with diabetes, IVR technology to proactively link patients to primary care services, provider notifications and programs that use social determinants of health factors to promote chronic condition management.

Her business model facilitates 10% of all revenue geared toward enrichment programs servings thousands of children, women and homeless adults across the world.


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