Development of Self-Management Behavior Scores and Profiles with Digital Health Data


Welldoc and the Center for Health Information and Decision Systems, University of Maryland (CHIDS) collaborated to analyze BlueStar® patient-generated health data (PGHD) to identify segments of patients with distinct patterns of self-management behavior that would be responsive to outreach and support with a standardized score.

This analysis established behavior scores targeted based on eating healthy, staying active, and taking medications, while also developing behavioral profiles to better describe how different segments of users engage with digital health.

The behavioral scores of these segments showed that digitally-captured PGHD can be used to construct standardized metrics of self-management behavior and can help guide the development and enhancement of digital health products and clinical interventions.

Download the poster presented by Dr. Michelle Dugas, Associate Professor from CHIDS, at the Digital Technology Meeting (DTA) on November 11, 2021.


Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level