Engagement geared towards health

The impact of chronic conditions on your workforce can be significant, empower your employees to manage their health

6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease and 4 in 10 adults have two or more1

Offer empowerment that fits into daily life

  • Complement your existing healthcare offerings with an innovative, evidence-based approach to self-management and total health
  • Provide the opportunity for your workforce to take ownership of their health with AI-driven, individualized, real-time digital coaching and insights across multiple conditions
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Advance a culture of better health

  • Stand out with a differentiated health offering that benefits individuals and their family members experiencing chronic conditions
  • Strengthen your health program with a comprehensive chronic care solution
  • Encourage a healthy workforce through individualized education, real-time data insights and sustainable behaviors

Tackle high-risk, high-cost conditions

  • Shift from sole dependence on traditional high-cost services with a turn-key multi-condition digital health solutions
  • Leverage the power of data to maintain a healthy workforce and help prevent acute interventions
extend your offerings with the power and scale of

Consistent engagement supports better self-management


High engagement showed a 1.6% drop A1C

Users enrolled in BlueStar® through a Diabetes Educator at point of care that engaged more than 2.5 times a week had a 1.6% drop in A1C2

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7.2 - 12 mmHg Drop in blood pressure

Data analysis examined the potential impact of our diabetes solution on hypertension in the first 3 months of use3

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Address multiple chronic conditions

The Welldoc platform supports multiple cardiometabolic conditions and comorbidities across type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, and prediabetes, while providing vital behavioral health insights

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Case Study


Case Study

A Model that Impacts Self-Care, ER Visits, and Costs

Empowering members to make more informed-choices may help reduce the costs associated with inappropriate care utilization. LifeScan, a leader in blood glucose monitoring and maker of the OneTouch brand, partnered with Welldoc to conduct a real-world observational study with a leading US health plan. Learn the vital role a virtual coach could play in improving diabetes self-management.

At the end of each week BlueStar gives me a report. It will tell me, based on a graph, how my blood sugar is doing, whether I have a lot of highs or lows, or was I in the right place. It also will send to my doctor a SMART report. And periodically, I will generate a SMART Report and send it to myself so I can see what my trends are.

Learn how Welldoc can help you improve outcomes


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Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level