Amplifying connected care

Strengthen connections with those you care for by offering personalized, real-time digital coaching and using powerful data insights to drive the right interventions at the right time.
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Think beyond the app

  • Enhance your chronic care programs with evidence based digital health platforms to help provide consistent guidance and support throughout a patient’s journey
  • Securely integrate vital health data and AI-driven insights into your care team workflows and systems to guide the right in-the-moment interventions and decisions
  • Elevate engagement between patients and care teams with higher-level insights into the patient experience between office visits
extend care beyond office visits

Extend care beyond the office visit

  • Provide a single experience across cardiometabolic conditions so that care doesn’t happen in silos
  • Connect care teams with insights that support workflows, alleviate clinical burden, and enable clinicians to practice at the top of their licenses
  • Leverage the power of patient-generated health data to advance your chronic-care programs

Partner with us to transform chronic care

  • Offer personalized patient-centered experiences and real-time digital coaching that foster education, whole-person health, and positive behavior changes
  • Elevate engagement and motivation among patients by empowering self-management and heightened connections with their care team
  • Infuse digital innovation to meet the needs of those you serve, foster better care, and advance the impact of your organization
partner with us to tranform chronic care

Consistent engagement supports better self-management


High engagement showed a 1.6% drop A1C

Users enrolled in BlueStar® through a Diabetes Educator at point of care that engaged more than 2.5 times a week had a 1.6% drop in A1C1

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7.2 - 12 mmHg Drop in blood pressure

Data analysis examined the potential impact of our diabetes solution on hypertension in the first 3 months of use2

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77% Controlled blood glucose

Observed among consistent users when in conjunction with medication changes3

NYC group

Case Study


Case Study

A New Care Option for Diverse Diabetes Management

One of the largest US safety net health systems partnered with Welldoc to implement a digital health platform for diabetes with a view to improve blood glucose management. Learn how the program empowered vulnerable populations to own their health and care decisions.

At the end of each week BlueStar gives me a report. It will tell me, based on a graph, how my blood sugar is doing, whether I have a lot of highs or lows, or was I in the right place. It also will send to my doctor a SMART report. And periodically, I will generate a SMART Report and send it to myself so I can see what my trends are.

Learn how Welldoc can help you improve chronic care


1 Shomali M, Peeples M. Implementation strategy for a digital health tool influences user engagement. Diabetes. 2018;67(Suppl 1):1320-P. doi:10.2337/db18-1320-p
2 Kumbara A, Iyer A, Shomali M. Blood pressure improvement in people using a digital health solution for comprehensive diabetes self-management. Poster presented at: 16th Annual Cardiometabolic Health Congress; October 14-17, 2021; National Harbor, MD.
3 Mudambi M, Crowley K, Dugas M, et al. Consistent engagement with a digital health solution enhances the effect of medication changes on blood glucose control. Poster presented at: Association of Psychological Science, May 2021.


Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level