Stay ahead of members' chronic conditions with “between-visit” care.

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The Impact of Digital Insights and Coaching on Chronic Conditions

Discover how the right digital health solution could help members impact self-care, ER visits, and healthcare costs.

We’re all aware of the ever-increasing costs of chronic conditions. But how to address those costs? Our answer: Personalized, real-time, digital health support–powered by best-in-class technology.

We believe it’s the key to improving day-to-day self-management, engagement–and most importantly, outcomes. Supporting this thesis, here’s a recent study completed with LifeScan®, Welldoc, and one of the country’s leading health plans.*

See how getting your members more engaged with their own health management can help improve outcomes.

* The study findings show people with type 2 diabetes who used LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal® Plus app, powered by Welldoc’s BlueStar, saw improved health outcomes with clinically significant reductions in A1C lab values and average blood glucose levels after three and six months.

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Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level