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Passionately committed to human health. Outcomes focused.

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mHealth Company Employee
Decreased A1C by an average of 1.9% in two clinical trials Patented clinical and behavioral algorithms drive personalized, contextualized, real-time patient coaching
Analyzing real-time data from type 2 diabetes patients & their providers FDA Cleared software

About Us

Our mission is to radically improve the lives of those living with chronic diseases, and to help healthcare providers and health systems provide more hands-on, guided care for their patients/members, while improving clinical outcomes and decreasing overall healthcare costs.

Our digital health solutions are changing the face of chronic disease management, reducing costs, improving clinical outcomes, and creating hope and change for individuals living with chronic diseases. The company’s product offerings are currently focused on type 2 diabetes and WellDoc is pursuing solution development in other therapeutic areas.

WellDoc is the first digital health company based on a life science business model. Our foundation is built on randomized clinical trials that demonstrate significant clinical outcomes. We have mastered diabetes management by taking an aggressive and innovative approach that utilizes sophisticated logic and precise algorithms.

WellDoc supports people living with diabetes with a suite of our flagship products. Our FDA-regulated platform, BlueStar and BlueStar Rx, was designed with clinical outcomes in mind.

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