Connecting Meaningful, Actionable Insights with Aggregated Data

Welldoc and Databricks unveil how their partnership unlocks the power of healthcare data and combines it with artificial intelligence (AI)-driven digital health to improve population health.

Disparate data sources, limited interoperability, and security concerns within the healthcare sector’s data infrastructure create a complex environment for addressing cardiometabolic conditions. 

Welldoc employs Databricks for streamlined data aggregation, combining sources like transactional records, Salesforce, and chat interactions. This integration enables Welldoc to extract actionable insights, enhancing the efficacy of its AI-driven digital coaching platform for personalized health outcomes. 

The collaboration between Welldoc and Databricks represents a leap forward in healthcare infrastructure innovation. This partnership fosters significant advancements in two key areas: 

  • Delta Sharing: This facilitates secure and compliant data exchange with partners, adhering to rigorous data privacy regulations while offering effortless scalability. 
  • Unified Data Platform: By consolidating all data needs onto a single platform, Welldoc unlocks seamless reporting, analysis, and research capabilities. 

What is next for the Welldoc and Databricks partnership? 

Databricks’ next-generation AI capabilities are expected to be instrumental as Welldoc incorporates advanced AI features into its products. Additionally, the Unity Catalog will continue to empower Welldoc with robust data governance, which is crucial for meeting the regulatory standards expected of a Food and Drug Administration-cleared software as a medical device company.

Databricks roadmap 1

Learn more about how Welldoc and Databricks connect meaningful, actionable insights with aggregated data on the Databricks blog. 

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