Evidence-Based Chronic Condition Platform for Health Plans

Scale Disease Management Solutions. Impact Member Health Outcomes.

Members with chronic conditions need virtual care options that are easy and accessible 24/7, on or offline. You need innovative care strategies that address your costliest populations.

With the Welldoc chronic condition platform, you get effective disease management programs at scale with tailored, real-time, digital coaching that educates, engages, and empowers your member population. Get a demo and see how our comprehensive digital health platform for chronic condition management is helping to:

  • Facilitate condition remote monitoring.
  • Address a range of chronic conditions, including prediabetes, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, behavioral health.
  • Proactively manage gaps in care, care transitions, and readmissions.
  • Transform member health data into knowledge and insights that inform new models of care.
  • Deliver comprehensive disease management programs that provide real-time feedback across labs, medication adherence, and other critical health dimensions.

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