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Welldoc's award-winning platform for people living with chronic disease can help your employees lead happier, healthier lives.

Know your numbers

Do you know how much chronic disease is costing you?
Match the disease state to its annual cost in the US.

Heart Failure
$48.6 Billion
$30.7 Billion
$318 Billion
$44 Billion
Diabetes arrow-right$318b
Heart Failurearrow-right$30.7b

Drag the Disease
State to its Cost

Welldoc’s digital solutions help support your employees living with costly chronic conditions

The impact of A1C reduction on cost savings in type 2 diabetes populations

Welldoc provided starting and ending A1C data from 3,000 BlueStar users to IBM Watson for a retrospective analysis funded by Welldoc. IBM Watson mapped this data onto their patient claims database to estimate cost savings associated with utilizing BlueStar. Documented A1C reductions associated with BlueStar are correlated with cost differences associated with the following factors.

Hospitalizations & ER Visits

Cost of supplies and pharmacies

Cost of co-morbid complications

Study Population

Claims data from patients in the IBM Watson’s MarketScan Database, which captures data of more than 80 million individuals.

Did You Know?

Reduced workplace productivity and absenteeism accounts for roughly $30 billion per year of diabetes healthcare expenses.

Study findings

Once the patients were stratified by A1C band, the analysis was run through the commercial and the medicare sector. For an overview on A1C and what it means, click here.

Segment by Starting A1C Bands
For All Bands with A1C ≥ 7
For All Bands with A1C ≥ 8
For A1C ≥ 9
Commercial Sector
Estimated cost savings per patient, annually
Medicare Sector
Estimated cost savings per patient, annually

Truven MarketScan Database: Annual Cost Per Patient is average amount paid for any healthcare claim within 365 days for: 1) patients with at least two lab results within the same A1c range ; and 2) patients with four lab results within the same A1c range. Percentage in Band Today is based on national attrition levels in Truven database.</small

How much of your workforce is living with Type 2 Diabetes?

Enter the number of employees to the right for an estimate of your workforce living with diabetes.

Numbers derived from CDC average cost of living with type 2 diabetes in the United States. Results may vary, tool is for estimation only.

Learn how we modeled our cost savings calculator

We all know diabetes is an expensive chronic condition. For a closer look at how IBM Watson Health collaborated with Welldoc to develop the first method for linking A1C data to cost savings, click the button below and fill out the form.

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Michelle Martin

VP, Employee Engagement

CBS Corporation

Our employees have really embraced BlueStar! With anytime, anywhere support, we are seeing higher engagement than anticipated. CBS is proud to offer this valuable program to our employees to help manage their chronic conditions and improve the quality of their lives - at work and at home.

"I run an architectural firm, and I just didn't have time for diabetes to slow me down"

Candy Barnes, BlueStar User

What makes our products different

What makes Welldoc’s software unique? There are a lot of tools that sound similar to ours, but no other solution is device agnostic, empowers the user’s existing care team, and scales at a population level.

Lean More about BlueStar

Device agnostic

We integrate seamlessly into your employees life, allowing them to use their own device.

Empower the user's existing care team

We allow your employees to share data and connect to their own care team.

Easily scales at population level

We integrate seamlessly into your member’s life allowing them to bring their own device, not use the one provided.

Our Team is Ready to Assist with Implementation

We take a subject matter expert approach to our implementation.

  • Implementation

    Our implementation team takes a consultative approach in developing a plan that drives both registration and engagement.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing team develops a plan to engage your unique population.

  • Strategy

    Our data scientists build models to forecast your ROI and engagement.

  • Clinical Team

    Our clinical experts ensure you have science to back up your decision.