A Benefit That Lowers Burdens, Not Expectations.

Driving down the burdens of chronic conditions is going to take all of us. Employees need more choice, convenience and control over their own healthcare.

Employers need solutions that help employees stay well while reducing the rising burden of healthcare.

A Proven Solution in Which Everyone Benefits.

Simplified Adoption

Employees can use their favorite and familiar health devices, resulting in ease of adoption.

Empowered Employees

A model of care for employees, offering built-in reminders and tracking to manage all aspects of a chronic condition.

Engaged Employees

Continually delivering customer satisfaction with measurable results.

Tailored Care

Powered by an AI-driven, virtual coach that tailors the care to the individual.

Designed for How People Live. And How Businesses Can Thrive.

Give Employees 
a Coach in their Pocket.

Digital coaching, 24/7, that’s just not possible with human coaching alone. Personalized, precision feedback – a coach in their pocket – that encourages adaptive behaviors for optimal health and the management of chronic conditions.

Support a Holistic Approach to Managing Health.

Support employees’ adherence to treatment regimens. One that takes a whole-person approach to self-management that includes diet, exercise, medication adherence, condition monitoring and tailored coaching.

Address Comorbid Conditions.

Managing comorbidities is challenging, particularly with diabetes which is often associated with hypertension and obesity.

Economic Analysis in Type 2 Diabetes.

Study Set Up

Welldoc funded a retrospective analysis with IBM Watson Health to test the relationship between A1C reduction and cost savings.

Data Inputs

IBM Watson Health was provided starting and ending A1C data from 3,000+ BlueStar users with type 2 diabetes.

Study Population

IBM Watson Health ran user data through their MarketScan Database, which captures claims data of more than 200 million individuals in the US.

Medical Expenditures Correlated with A1C Reduction.

Hospitalizations, ER visits, and HCP office visits

Cost of medical devices, supplies, and medications

Cost of comorbid conditions (hypertension, weight, etc.)

Generate Employee Goodwill.

With a Net Promoter Score of more than 70, our solutions ensure a
positive employee experience.

Are You Ready to Empower Your Employees?