NBC2023 SXSW 2024 New Frontiers of Digital Health 1080x1080March 9, 2024 | Austin, TX

The LINE Hotel, Topaz Ballroom | 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM

New Frontiers of Digital Health: Navigating AI, Data & More

Dive into the future of healthcare in a thought-provoking panel on digital health. We’ll discuss how the industry is changing its delivery methods and utilizing AI and machine learning to enhance research and access. We’ll explore topics like the growing influence of wellness industry practices on healthcare, the rise of health management apps, and the importance of understanding and utilizing digital biomarkers.


Anand Iyer, Chief Strategy Officer at Welldoc, will be speaking on this panel. SXSW attendees RSVP to our panel discussion here.

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Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level