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Scaling Chronic Care.
Driving Better Outcomes.


Watch as Dr. Karyn Singer, MD MPH, AVP of Chronic Disease and Prevention from NYCHH, and Keith Reynolds, Chief Operating O cer from Welldoc, discuss impressive results integrating digital health into the chronic care model—and the direct impact it had for patients.
Insights include:

  • The value of scaling chronic care with evidence-based, data-driven technology
  • Driving patient engagement, medication adherence, and self-management
  • Creating meaningful operational e ciencies
  • How to integrate digital health into large, complex health systems
  • Meeting the needs of diverse patient populations

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Learn how one of America’s largest public healthcare systems scaled a digital health solution to support the self-management of chronic condition – driving patient engagement, improving medication adherence, and delivering meaningful operational efficiencies. (And you can, too.)

The impact of chronic disease on patient populations is staggering – and indisputable.

This study demonstrates how the New York City Health And Hospital System empowered patients to self-manage chronic conditions – in a way that aligned with their lifestyles.

The results included patients:

  • Self-managing chronic conditions – anytime, anywhere
  • Leveraging digital health to support their medication adherence
  • Independently impacting important health metrics
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