Heart Month: High Blood Pressure Control—We Got This!

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Every February, American Heart Month is a reminder to open a dialog about heart health and diabetes. The CDC Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention is encouraging people to tackle uncontrolled high blood pressure, which is far too common. We got this!

Our platform not only focuses on diabetes, but also supports multiple chronic conditions, including hypertension and heart failure. Diabetes and hypertension often occur together and are each a major risk factor for heart disease, which remains the leading cause of death in America.

There are similarities between the two disease states beyond their potential complications. Both typically require taking medication to achieve and maintain optimal control. Implementing a pattern of healthy food choices and eating habits, adequate physical activity, stress management and sufficient quality of sleep can significantly improve management of both diabetes and hypertension.

BlueStar helps users track both glucose and blood pressure data and provides simple feedback about whether a data point is in target range. The app integrates with glucose meters and home blood pressure monitors for easy data transfer.

BlueStar manages both conditions by going much further by providing contextual, customized in-app coaching about self-care along with timely, appropriate prompts for the user to contact their healthcare provider. They will also offer data analysis and clinical decision support to the healthcare provider to engage the person to more quickly and efficiently manage their dual conditions.

Ready to tackle high blood pressure this Heart Month and beyond? Find out how you can deliver game-changing software to your population by contacting us today, and read more about optimizing Hypertension and Diabetes Treatment here.

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