How to customize BlueStar®

BlueStar is customized by adding medications, entering health information, adjusting the schedule as needed, synching with monitors, apps and devices, then setting up SMART Visit Report™ to send reports to your care team.

Customizing Medications

When you add a medication for the first time, you will be directed to the How to Add Your Medications video.

You can also visit More>Health Information>Import Health Data and sync directly to your pharmacy or patient portal to have your medications automatically imported into BlueStar.

If you are on short-acting insulin:

Select when you take insulin: “with meals” or “as needed.”
You will then be prompted to answer: “How do you take insulin?”

Possible answers:
  • Fixed amount, sliding scale (SS), correction factor (CF), Insulin to Carb Ratio (ICR), Fixed and SS, fixed and CF, ICR and SS, ICR and CF
You can select different dosing types for different meals:
  • If selecting “As Needed” with Short Acting, you can only select “Correction Factor,” “Insulin to Carb Ratio,” or “Sliding Scale.”
If on long-acting insulin or non-insulin medication you will be asked:

“How many times is it taken?”
Based on your answer, you will be prompted to select frequency.

Next you will be asked:
“When do you take this medication?”

  • You can select the appropriate times based on the frequency selected: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bedtime
  • Next Enter the quantity of the medication taken or injected.
Upon saving your medication, you will be asked to turn on Medication Reminders.
Creating medications list, scheduling meds, setting med reminders, logging meds

Selecting the Medications tab from the More menu allows you to make a list of your meds and schedule reminders.

If you have any issues when entering medications, contact BlueStar customer care at 1-888-611-4794.

Medication List

Enter current medications and update or edit lists as medications change over time. You can also sync your medications from your pharmacy (such as CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or Duane Reade) or the patient portal.

Medication Reminders

Schedule your medications using the following categories:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime
You can also set reminders to take your medications.

Default Schedule Times

  • Breakfast: (8 AM)
  • Lunch: (12 PM)
  • Dinner: (6PM)
  • Bedtime: (10 PM)
You can make changes to these times by clicking the associated times listed in BlueStar.
Record Meds

Recording your meds is an important part of monitoring your progress. Log the medications taken by the meal, the time of day, or the entire day.

To begin, from the Home Screen, select the Fast Action Button (blue circle with white + (plus) symbol located at the bottom right corner of the screen)

Select Medication

Select the Medication you would like to mark as taken or administered and press Save.

Adding As Needed Medications

Adding As Needed meds to the medication list, allows you to log As Needed meds into your Daily Med Log by clicking the + (plus) at the end of the meds for a particular time of day, then searching for the As Needed med, checking it and adding the dosage.

To edit the Medication List:

  1. Click the edit icon (pencil) next to the medication name.
  2. Change or click the arrow to change the strength of the med, the dose or how often it is taken.
  3. Click th e delete button to remove the medication from the medication list.

It is possible to print the medication list from the web portal. This could be helpful so that you have it available for reference or for sharing with other healthcare providers. However, it is useful to remember that if you use the BlueStar app on your phone, you will have a complete list of your medications on your mobile device.

Record medications day by day

You have several options here:

  • Record medication for the Entire Day.
  • You can enter it by Time of Day, such as Morning, Noon, Evening or Bedtime.
  • Log one medication at a time by checking the individual med.

Log As Needed meds in Record Meds by clicking the + at the end of the meds list for a particular time of day or meal then searching for the med from the meds list, checking it and adding the dose.

Customizing BlueStar – Health Info

You will receive paced prompts to enter or update your Health Info.

Within Health Info There Are Six Categories

The more information you can add, the better.

SMART Visit Report

This screen enables you to enter SMART Visit Report recipients with the fax number and the email of the recipient. You can then schedule and send SMART Visit reports (Summary Report, Summary Report & Log, Full Report and/or 7-Day Food Diary) to selected recipients. You can also send it to yourself to make sure you have a copy. Your healthcare team should communicate to you which report(s) should be sent, as well as the timing for sending the reports.

Import Health Data

This function allows you to connect and import your clinical or prescription data if you have access to a patient portal.

  • Select Get Started
  • Find your provider by selecting the provider category type and searching the provider’s name
  • Depending on the provider selected, you must have login credentials to the provider’s portal otherwise, you cannot use this feature.
  • You can always enter this information manually as a workaround
Clinical Results of diabetes related clinical results

Enter numbers and dates for current lab and blood pressure results. Alternatively, you can choose to import data from Lab Corp, Quest Diagnostics or your patient portal by selecting this option from the Health Info screen and logging in with your account credentials.

A legend will appear to indicate if your results are In Range, Overdue, Out of Range or Missing based on the ADA Clinical Practice Guidelines and Standards of Care.

Click on any of the clinical results hyperlinks to learn more about each of these measures and the recommended targets, as well as to check historical entries.

Preventive Health

Here you can find information on important exams you’ve taken, vaccines and your DSMES and MNT results.

Click on any of these hyperlinks to learn more about these important health checks and how often they should be performed. Update the list whenever you have a new vaccine or exam to record.

Medical History

This section is for diabetes related conditions only. If you are not sure of the answer to some of these questions, discuss it with your healthcare provider at your next visit. Update your medical history after each provider visit as necessary.


Weight, height, BMI and tobacco usage are entered here. Add your current weight and height in feet and inches and select the date of entry. The BMI is calculated automatically. If you have synced up BlueStar with other apps or devices that include this information, the data will indicate where it comes from. Enter any smoking history under Tobacco Usage.

Customizing BlueStar – Settings

Medication Reminders

The default daily reminder times can be customized to better meet your daily routine. You will receive prompts to take meds based on your daily reminder times.

Default Schedule Times

  • Breakfast: (8 AM)
  • Lunch: (12 PM)
  • Dinner: (6PM)
  • Bedtime: (10 PM)

You can make changes in these times by selecting the times next to each scheduled time/event.

My Meters

BlueStar can connect to over 400+ devices and data sources. We’re always adding compatible devices. Check app for the latest.

Health and Fitness Trackers

You have the option to connect apps and devices to track food, activity, sleep, height and weight.

You will need to login with your device credentials. Be advised that you can only connect with one device or app at a time. In other words, if you choose to connect to another device or app, you will need to first disconnect from the current device or app you are logged onto.

Only one BlueStar profile can be associated with a given activity tracking account at a time. For example, only one BlueStar user can be associated with one FitBit device.

Data synced will display in both the Logbook and the SMART Visit Report. Weight will also display in the SMART Visit Report.

Continuous Glucose Monitor

This feature allows you to connect to the following CGM account. Note – this feature does not connect or sync directly with the CGM device itself but through cloud data sync through your Dexcom account.

  • CGM DATA by Dexcom (data available with a 3-hour delay)
My Preferences

You can customize the following:

  1. Toggle ON or OFF the following emails:
  • Product emails: Messages related to your BlueStar Progress
  • Marketing emails: Welldoc marketing emails about products, services, and features that may be of interest to you.
  1. A1C Target: set to less than 7% or 8%
  2. Blood Pressure Target: set to less than 130/80 mm Hg, 140/90 mm/Hg or 150/90 mmHg
  3. Language: English or Spanish

How to engage with BlueStar


The BlueStar home page displays important information to help you in managing you diabetes and to build your diabetes knowledge.

Your recent blood glucose entries will be displayed as you engage more and more with BlueStar. A Daily Pattern Report will be provided synced with your CGM.

When a pattern is detected in your data, a pattern message will be displayed on the home page.

A Weekly Report with insights will be presented weekly. You will be invited to accept the next Weekly Challenge to continue on your BlueStar journey.

Begin or continue available diabetes education courses and lessons at BlueStar U.

Recipes are suggested based on the time of day for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Restaurant Helper helps you locate nearby restaurants and identify available menu items within your selected carbohydrate range.

The main menu, consisting of three bars at the top left-hand side of the home screen, allows you to return to Home, view your Logbook, Resources, Learn and More.

From the Home Screen, the blue + (plus) sign is a quick way to enter medication, blood glucose levels, food, insulin, activity, blood pressure, weight and sleep.

How to make entries

Making Entries

Click on the + (New Entry) on either the web portal home page or the mobile app. A New Entry screen will open. By default the date and time match the date and time on your device. Change the date and time and entry type as needed if making an historical entry. You may also add notes to provide context to your entries.

Log Meds

Based on the time of day (morning, midday, evening or bedtime) and your daily schedule, you will receive the prompt “Did you take your meds?”

If you have a prescription to use a BlueStar Rx product, you will have access to the Insulin Calculator within the Medications section. When recording insulin with a flexible dosing regimen (insulin-to-carbohydrate ratio, correction factor, sliding scale, or any combination of these regimens) the Insulin Calculator can be used to calculate the correct dose of insulin to take based on recorded carbohydrates, blood glucose value or the Insulin on Board.

Insulin on Board is a term used to describe the amount of fast-acting insulin that is still active from an earlier dose. The Insulin Calculator will subtract Insulin on Board, when applicable, to help prevent hypoglycemia from insulin stacking.

Enter or Sync Blood Glucose Levels

If you have synced a glucose meter to BlueStar, you can choose to sync your Blood Glucose reading(s) from your meter.


You can set a target Carb Range, select Add a Meal and search for foods using the food database, or take a picture of your food and use the food recognition API to select your food and amount, add a photo of your food, or Just Add Carbs. Additionally, you can access recently recorded meals or scan a barcode of an item you would like added to your meal.

Lastly, you can record your water intake at the bottom of the Food Diary page.

When you select the food and the portion size you are planning to eat, the carb amount of the selected food is placed on a gauge in the Food Diary. The gauge is a representation of the carbohydrate content of your meal compared to your Carb Target Range. If you do not set a Carb Target Range, the gauge will not contain a marker. Once completed, you can confirm the total carbs and record it as a New Entry in BlueStar.

Enter Activity-Type

Enter the duration of the activity or sync the BlueStar app to the activity trackers.

  • Bicycling
  • Dancing/aerobics
  • Gardening/lawn maintenance
  • Hiking
  • Home Activities
  • Running
  • Skiing/skating
  • Strength training
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Other activity
Blood Pressure
  • Enter systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, pulse and any relevant notes.
  • Add current weight, set goal weight and any tracking reminders.
  • Record your bedtime and wake time or sync to activity trackers.

Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level