How to track your sleep

How to track your sleep

If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Living with a chronic condition can affect your sleep, even though the connection might not be obvious.

That’s why it’s important to monitor and track your sleep – in addition to your diet, exercise, medications, and other health metrics, such as blood sugar – to better understand those connections. High-quality sleep relies on blood glucose and blood pressure being properly managed.

By tracking your sleep, you’re also helping inform your care team of your sleep status, while reminding them to discuss it at your next appointment. (With so much to discuss at a healthcare visit, sleep is often overlooked.)

Quick Tips

  • For optimal results, track your sleep every day.
  • The more data you capture, the better you and your care team can track and understand your health.
  • Add notes to your sleep entries.
  • No note is too small. How are you feeling? Were you restless? Was something bothering you? Are you tired? Or do you feel amazing? It’s all useful health information for your care team.
  • Notes can be shared regularly with your care team. They’ll also be provided with the data in the SMART Visit Report™.
  • The more notes you include, the better you and your care team can track and understand your health.
  • Consider adding notes and recording sleep entries at the same time you’re recording other health data — to keep everything easy, simple, and consistent

Get Started

You can capture sleep data in multiple ways: You can add it manually or you can upload it from an activity tracker, or you can use a combination of both.

If you’re using an activity tracker, follow the instructions at How to pair Bluetooth-enabled devices to BlueStar®.

From the Home Screen:

  1. Go: Home → + (Plus) sign → Sleep
  2. Visit the Logbook to see your entries from the main menu and monitor your progress over time.

You will need to login with your device credentials. Be advised that you can only connect with one sleep device or app at a time. In other words, if you choose to connect to another device or app, the user will need to first disconnect from the current device or app you are using.

Compatible Devices

BlueStar can connect to over 400+ devices and data sources. We’re always adding compatible devices. Check app for the latest.

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