How to use medication reminders

How to use
medication reminders

Set and Track Reminders

Use our reminders to help keep track of all your medications — so that you never miss a dose.

Quick Tips

Medication reminders help to keep you on track and provide your care team with information about how often you’ve taken your medication and the dose. In addition to medications, reminders can be used to alert you to check your blood glucose (BG) levels, enter your weight or blood pressure (BP), as well as other reminders you may set. These reminders can help your care team monitor how often a medication is taken (and the dosage when applicable).

Here’s how:

  • Go: Home → More → Medications → Medication Reminders

Push notifications are used in the product to alert you of times to recheck your BG, enter your weight or BP, take your medications, and other reminders you may set. Please be sure to say ‘YES’ or accept this notification, as it is important to help you manage your diabetes within the application.

How to get started

Medication Reminder

Here you can set reminders to take medications and schedule medications according to the following categories:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Bedtime
My Daily Schedule

The default daily schedule can be customized to better meet your daily routine. Once you are set up, you will receive prompts to take meds based on your individualized schedule.

Default Schedule Times
  • Breakfast: (8 AM)
  • Lunch: (12 PM)
  • Dinner: (6PM)
  • Bedtime: (10 PM)

You can make changes to these times by clicking the associated times listed in BlueStar®.


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