Digital Health Tools Become Valuable Adjunct in Clinical Decision Support

Mansur E. Shomali, MD, CM
September 21, 2018

Mansur Shomali, MD, CM, Welldoc’s Chief Medical Officer and practicing endocrinologist with a large practice of people with diabetes, discusses how digital health tools help people and their healthcare providers improve the care of chronic diseases in dramatic ways. Noting that self-care is a critical component of chronic disease management and requires significant effort by the person with the disease, Shomali observes digital health tools help people more readily engage in self-care. People seem more willing and able to implement healthier eating habits, increase their physical activity and become more effective problem solvers. These tools also offer the option to easily share key data with healthcare providers. This data becomes an excellent communication tool as well as a valuable adjunct for clinical decision support allowing clinical care goals to be achieved more rapidly.

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