How Health Plans Adapt in this Era of Healthcare Reform

Laurel Pickering, MPH
April 19, 2018

Lau­rel Pick­er­ing, WellDoc’s Chief Rev­enue Offi­cer, delves into today’s pain points for health plans as they nav­i­gate the rocky waters of health­care reform. Pick­er­ing acknowl­edges, “It’s a real­ly tough time for health plans due to enor­mous mar­ket­place uncer­tain­ty.” Health plans across the coun­try have been ten­ta­tive with deci­sion mak­ing or have dra­mat­i­cal­ly changed their busi­ness mod­els to adapt. Pick­er­ing, who’s been on the front lines of work­ing with health plans for a cou­ple of decades, is find­ing that they’re learn­ing how to struc­ture their busi­ness in this new era of val­ue-based care and pay­ment. One solu­tion being imple­ment­ed is dig­i­tal health ther­a­peu­tics because they can assist in achiev­ing three goals – improved pop­u­la­tion health and increased patient engage­ment and expe­ri­ence. Plus, they can be scaled for effi­cient and effec­tive deliv­ery.

Pain Points for Health Plans from Well­Doc on Vimeo.