How Health Plans Adapt in this Era of Healthcare Reform

Laurel Pickering, MPH
April 19, 2018

Laurel Pickering, WellDoc’s Chief Revenue Officer, delves into today’s pain points for health plans as they navigate the rocky waters of healthcare reform. Pickering acknowledges, “It’s a really tough time for health plans due to enormous marketplace uncertainty.” Health plans across the country have been tentative with decision making or have dramatically changed their business models to adapt. Pickering, who’s been on the front lines of working with health plans for a couple of decades, is finding that they’re learning how to structure their business in this new era of value-based care and payment. One solution being implemented is digital health therapeutics because they can assist in achieving three goals – improved population health and increased patient engagement and experience. Plus, they can be scaled for efficient and effective delivery.

Pain Points for Health Plans from WellDoc on Vimeo.

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