COVID-19 is still here, and your mental health, wellness, and resilience are still a top priority. It’s not too late to learn new ways to cope as we continue to face these challenges together. Here are some tips on how to relax and destress. Figure out what works best for you!


Throughout your day, take a deep breath, drop your shoulders, and unclench your jaw. Count to 10 with your eyes closed when you’re faced with a difficult moment. Try to be mindful of your breathing when stressed. Meditation and yoga can help clear your mind.

Get Some Fresh Air

You can still enjoy the great outdoors while social distancing, even if you’re staying at home. Sitting outside or going for a short walk can make a difference in how you feel throughout the day. If you’re up for some exercise, that can help clear your mind and re-energize you.

Read a Book

No matter how you’re spending your summer, diving into a new book is a great way to explore new places, learn about a new culture, or to try and figure out a mystery. Plus, many libraries and local book stores are offering curbside pick-up, making it easy and safe to get your hands on a new book. Step away from your devices and spend that time reading. You may not be able to travel to the beach this year, but you can still enjoy a good beach read that will help you escape.

Connect with Loved Ones

We’ve seen lots of creative ways of staying in touch with friends and family. Maybe, start a virtual book club, where you read your favorites, and then discuss via a video call. Even scheduling a time for a video call to just chat or play trivia can help you connect in a new way. Many of us are experiencing feelings of loneliness while staying at home, and new ways to socialize are important for your mental health and wellness during COVID-19.

Be Positive

If you’re feeling scared or overwhelmed by COVID-19, try to take a step back and focus on something positive. What are 3 things you are grateful for today? Try writing it down in a journal. If you’re feeling helpless, is there something small you can do today to make a big difference? Lend a helping hand to a neighbor or donate to a local organization helping your community through COVID-19.

Stick to Routines

Even though our world is completely different and seems to change every day, we can still do our best to stick to some routines while staying at home as much as possible. Getting plenty of sleep, eating balanced meals, exercising, and logging off at the end of a workday can all make a big difference in limiting stress and anxiety.

The information we provide at is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace a consultation with a medical professional. Please inform your physician of any changes you make to your diet or lifestyle and discuss these changes with them. If you have questions or concerns about any medical conditions you may have, please contact your physician.