Children’s Community Health Plan Introduces Welldoc’s BlueStar® Digital Therapeutic to Its Members with Diabetes

Milwaukee, WI and Columbia, MD – April 3, 2019 – Today, Welldoc and Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP) announced the introduction of BlueStar®, Welldoc’s FDA-cleared, proven digital therapeutic, to CCHP’s commercially-insured and Medicaid members. BlueStar, an in-app coach designed to engage people with type 2 diabetes, delivers personalized, real-time feedback, as well as diabetes educational tools that are actionable and individualized.

“We are proud to work with Children’s Community Health Plan to bring BlueStar to its members,” said Kevin McRaith, Welldoc President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a great fit for both of us, as we work towards improving health outcomes in those individuals living with chronic disease.”

Based in Milwaukee, WI, CCHP is a member of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans (ACAP) that represents over 70 nonprofit safety net health plans in 28 states that strive to improve the health and well-being of vulnerable populations. With the introduction of BlueStar, CCHP continues to encourage its members to be more engaged in their health management for improved health outcomes, while providing diabetes management support anytime, anywhere.

“Children’s Community Health Plan is excited to be working with Welldoc to offer BlueStar to our members that are living with type 2 diabetes.  As we work to improve the health and well-being of our members, BlueStar will allow individuals to more effectively manage their condition, and connect to their providers on a real-time basis,” said Mark Rakowski, Vice President of Children’s Community Health Plan.

BlueStar is the first FDA-cleared digital therapeutic for individuals with type 2 diabetes. With real-time feedback messages, the user becomes more knowledgeable about their health. Integrating with activity trackers, meters, and other devices, BlueStar gives the user correlative insights to their health and delivers data to the user’s own care team.

About Children’s Community Health Plan of Wisconsin

Children’s Community Health Plan (CCHP), an affiliate of Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, is an HMO dedicated to providing access to the highest quality health care and services to our members living in Wisconsin since 2006.  CCHP serves more than 140,000 members between their Medicaid and Marketplace products.  Learn more about CCHP at

About WellDoc

Welldoc® is a leading digital therapeutic company revolutionizing chronic disease management to help transform lives. The Company’s groundbreaking technology helps guide individuals through the complicated journey of living with chronic diseases, with a goal of helping them self-manage their conditions, while connecting them to their own healthcare team. By utilizing Welldoc’s digital therapeutic solutions, payers, employers and healthcare systems can streamline their resources by focusing on a digital health solution to help better manage their populations living with multiple and costly chronic diseases. Welldoc is based on a life science business model—having conducted multiple randomized clinical trials resulting in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. IBM Watson Health™ conducted an innovative economic analysis for Welldoc using the MarketScan® Commercial Claims and Encounters Database and the MarketScan® Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefits Database demonstrating an opportunity to save a range of $254 to $271 per user per month with the use of the flagship BlueStar® digital therapeutic. Welldoc has a solid foundation in the development of solutions for the management of diabetes and is rapidly creating other chronic disease solutions. This year, Welldoc secured a patent for the Software Engine Technology that powers BlueStar. Notably, this is the Company’s tenth issued patent.  For more information, visit

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