Real-World Study Shows OneTouch Reveal® Plus Digital Coach Drives Positive Health Outcomes

24/7 digital coaching tool impacted self-care behaviors, ER visits for people with Type 2 diabetes, and healthcare costs for health plan

MALVERN, Pa. and Columbia, Md., August 13, 2020 — LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring and maker of the iconic OneTouch® brand, and Welldoc, maker of the first FDA-cleared, 510(K) Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) for Diabetes, today announced the findings of a real-world, observational study conducted with a large, national payor at the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists (ADCES) conference and, through a Letter to the Editor, published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST).

The study findings show people with type 2 diabetes who used LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal® Plus app, powered by Welldoc’s BlueStar®, saw improved health outcomes with clinically significant reductions in A1C lab values and average blood glucose levels after three and six months.

The study revealed that participants who used the 24/7 digital coaching tool with AI technology demonstrated:

  • Strong engagement
  • Increase in self-care behaviors
  • Reduction in diabetes related and all-cause ER visits

The study included 291 payor members, who were provided with the OneTouch Reveal Plus app and a OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to sync blood glucose results.  Study results correlated strong engagement with members averaging 30 engagements per week.  The study results also showed A1C reductions, specifically 0.54 average reduction in A1C across all starting A1C ranges (n=35, p=0.021) and 1.83 average reduction in A1C for A1C>8 (n=12, p=0.002).  Additional observational data included reductions in average ER diabetes-related member costs by 55%, and average ER diabetes-related member visits by 30%. *

“As people strive to live well with diabetes, many need real-time support to help improve their daily self-care. This study demonstrates how having a digital diabetes coach like OneTouch Reveal Plus, which is available anytime anywhere, puts data-driven technology to work for patients, care teams, and health plans,” said Dr. David Shearer, senior director Worldwide Medical Affairs and senior safety officer at LifeScan. “It helps take the guesswork out of daily diabetes management with AI technology and expert resources that guide people with diabetes in making informed decisions.”

“The data in this study are undeniable and serve as further validation that BlueStar’s digital solution for diabetes management continues to improve outcomes and impact costs,” said Kevin McRaith, president and CEO of Welldoc. “For a true digital health company, operating in the current environment, this data provides the needed validation for health plans looking to on board scalable solutions to improve population health.”

Comprehensive diabetes management including glycemic control to reduce microvascular and macrovascular complications and carefully managing blood glucose levels can reduce the risk of serious, even life-threatening, complications.  Diabetes is a chronic condition requiring active management and resources to make informed diet, medication, exercise, and lifestyle decisions throughout the day.  Managing diabetes is a time-consuming and overwhelming task that can test even the most disciplined person with diabetes.

Data suggests, 50% of people living with diabetes are not achieving glycemic targets, which can lead to additional health complications for patients and incremental costs for payors.  However, new evidence is emerging for the benefit of powerful technology-enabled diabetes self-management tools, like the OneTouch Reveal Plus app, that are easy to understand and that fit into everyday life to help people with diabetes achieve glycemic targets and improve quality of life.

*Out of the 291 study subjects, 73 subjects were evaluated for A1C reduction. Costs evaluated included all-cause and diabetes-related ER and Inpatient costs as well as pharmacy costs.  While average ER diabetes related costs decreased, PCP and Specialist costs remained flat across baseline and follow-up periods. Average pharmacy costs increased slightly (reflecting increased use of insulin and non-insulin drugs).


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Welldoc is revolutionizing chronic disease management to help transform lives. BlueStar®, the first FDA-cleared digital health solution, guides individuals through the complicated journey of living with diabetes by enabling them to self-manage their conditions and enhancing connections to their healthcare team. Welldoc streamlines the relationships between payers, employers, and healthcare systems resources, with the goal of improving population health and reducing the costs of chronic diseases. For more information, visit

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