Validic and Welldoc Partner to Enhance Engagement for Individuals Living with Chronic Conditions

Durham, NC and Columbia, MD – April 30, 2019 — Validic, the leading provider of data solutions for remote monitoring and virtual engagement, and Welldoc, a leading digital therapeutic company, today announced their partnership to broaden the access and integration of personal health data within the Welldoc BlueStar® platform. The collaboration will allow BlueStar users to connect their wearables, apps, and in-home health devices directly to the platform – enabling deeper engagement and better self-management of one’s health. With a common goal to address total health for individuals who may be managing a multitude of complex conditions, Welldoc and Validic are well-aligned to improve engagement, access and outcomes for patients.

As the number of people managing chronic conditions continues to grow – with one in four American adults managing multiple chronic conditions today – patients are seeking ways to better self-manage health outside of the clinical setting. With the vast amount of consumer health tools, including wearables, consumer apps, and in-home medical devices available today, patients are leveraging device-generated data to enable a better understanding of how behavior, lifestyles and daily habits impact their health and how to more effectively self-manage their conditions.

“Today’s healthcare consumers are more empowered than ever before to take action for better health,” said Validic CEO Drew Schiller. “By integrating consumer health technologies and personal health data into programs like BlueStar, we are enabling a level of real-time feedback that provides actionable insights for positive behavior change to individuals living with chronic conditions.”

By integrating Validic’s ecosystem of over 375 wearables, apps, and home health devices, Welldoc allows for users to connect their preferred health apps and devices, regardless of device manufacturer, directly into the BlueStar platform. This allows for the passive transfer of personal health data in near-real time from the device to the program. For BlueStar users, this means more precise coaching and guidance to understand daily habits and manage conditions in partnership with the user’s own care team. This is important, as data shows that those who passively collect data via connected apps and devices stay engaged nearly four times longer than those who enter the data manually. Daily engagement and monitoring behaviors of patients is key to improve traditional in-person care.

“This is an important partnership and we are excited to extend our integrations with Validic,” said Welldoc President and CEO Kevin McRaith. “By allowing users to integrate even more of their devices, we empower them to use this data to make better health decisions.”

Welldoc will leverage Validic Inform, a device-agnostic data connectivity platform, and Validic VitalSnap®, a patented optical character recognition technology, to connect to both Bluetooth-enabled and legacy in-home medical devices. Though Welldoc had built connections previously to devices, they turned to Validic to empower more of their users with an even broader, scalable bring-your-own-device strategy. By integrating activity data alongside glucose data, BlueStar provides accurate, actionable guidance on managing diabetes on a daily basis.

Given more people are living with and struggling to manage comorbidities, it is important to address all facets of a person’s health, rather than a singular condition or biometric reading. By offering a single connection point to access hundreds of devices that capture a variety of data types – from activity to blood pressure to sleep – the user’s healthcare providers are better informed and thus enabled to address critical issues in daily behaviors. The data in BlueStar provides precision, real-time feedback focused on engaging patients to manage toward personalized goals and improved outcomes.

About Validic

Validic guides healthcare organizations through the technical complexities associated with accessing and operationalizing patient-generated health data. Validic’s scalable, secure solutions help you improve operational efficiency and patient outcomes by delivering personal health data from hundreds of home health devices seamlessly into your existing systems and workflows. To find out how healthcare is innovating to create more data-driven and integrative healthcare experiences, visit or follow Validic on Twitter at @validic.

About Welldoc

Welldoc® is a leading digital therapeutic company revolutionizing chronic disease management to help transform lives. The Company’s groundbreaking technology helps guide individuals through the complicated journey of living with chronic diseases, with a goal of helping them self-manage their conditions, while connecting them to their own healthcare team. By utilizing Welldoc’s digital therapeutic solutions, payers, employers and healthcare systems can streamline their resources by focusing on a digital health solution to help better manage their populations living with multiple and costly chronic diseases. Welldoc is based on a life science business model—having conducted multiple randomized clinical trials resulting in more than 40 peer-reviewed publications. IBM Watson Health™ conducted an innovative economic analysis for Welldoc using the MarketScan® Commercial Claims and Encounters Database and the MarketScan® Medicare Supplemental and Coordination of Benefits Database demonstrating an opportunity to save a range of $254 to $271 per user per month with the use of the flagship BlueStar® digital therapeutic. Welldoc has a solid foundation in the development of solutions for the management of diabetes and is rapidly creating other chronic disease solutions. This year, Welldoc secured a patent for the Software Engine Technology that powers BlueStar. Notably, this is the Company’s tenth issued patent.  For more information, visit

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