Economic Savings

Improved outcomes and economic savings with digital therapeutic, BlueStar®, proven by IBM Watson Health

So confident it improves health, we offer at-risk pricing

BlueStar, Welldoc’s FDA-cleared digital therapeutic, provides a clinically effective pathway for evidence-based clinical and economic outcomes. BlueStar is proven to lower hospitalizations and ER visits, with less use of supplies and medications. Estimated annual healthcare savings per person for the Commercial- and Medicare-insured populations with BlueStar

Segment by Starting A1C Bands
For All Bands with A1C 7
For All Bands with A1C 8
For A1C 9
Commercial Sector
Estimated cost savings per patient, annually
Medicare Sector
Estimated cost savings per patient, annually

Engaged Users. Lower Costs.

Welldoc presented results of an economic analysis with IBM Watson Health which demonstrates significant healthcare cost savings through the use of BlueStar.

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