American Mobile Healthcare BlueStar App

BlueStar® is the first mobile prescription therapy in American mobile healthcare history developed for adults living with type 2 diabetes and their doctors.

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BlueStar is a mobile health monitoring app that helps adults living with type 2 diabetes and their doctors to improve self-management and help decrease A1C.

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    BlueStar analyzes diabetes data entered by the patient, including blood glucose and medications.

  • Population Health Analytics

    BlueStar compares past data trends to deliver personalized, contextualized guidance in-the-moment.

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    BlueStar delivers summarized, curated data and analytics to the healthcare team to improve decisions and drive efficacy in the healthcare analytics market.

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    BlueStar creates a dynamic self-management plan helps people learn how to improve self-managment.

Our Commercial Model

Mobile Prescription Therapy is a healthcare innovation equal in importance to the healthcare provider and the patient. In the long run, digital therapies will rely on the relationship between the patient and provider to thrive.

That’s why we’ve built a commercial model that focuses on the healthcare team as much as the BlueStar user to bring “healthy change” to the management of type 2 diabetes.

At its core, our commercial model is driven from the initiation of BlueStar through a prescription from a health care provider.

Engagement and adherence to therapy is linked to the connection between people learning to manage type 2 diabetes and the people who take care of them.

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