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Our BlueStar® app empowers people with type 2 diabetes to get healthier. Enables clinicians to work smarter. And results in medical costs getting smaller.

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Welldoc creates apps that use AI to help people better self-manage their type 2 diabetes.

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BlueStar Rx

BlueStar with an added insulin bolus dose calculator.

Activating this feature requires a prescription from an authorized health care provider.


Our flagship app for Type 2 Diabetes, BlueStar, is more effective than its competition at helping users self-manage their disease.

Diabetes Wellness Program (DWP)

We power the general wellness program within Samsung Health.

Unparalleled Results

Welldoc made sure BlueStar worked before we went to market. We iterated and tweaked and perfected. The result? Well... results that blow away the competition.

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Clinical App for Diabetes, by IQVIA

“With BlueStar, I got My Life Back”

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2 Truven MarketScan Database: Annual Cost Per Patient is average amount paid for any healthcare claim within 365 days for: 1) patients with at least two lab results within the same A1c range ; and 2) patients with four lab results within the same A1c range. Percentage in band today is based on national attrition levels in Truven database.