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When it comes to digital health, Welldoc is ahead of the curve. Our web and mobile platforms for chronic disease management harness the power of artificial intelligence to scale digital care guidance.

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Our clinical, data, and design experts build software that delivers scalable, digital chronic disease coaching.

BlueStar Diabetes App, highlighting re-check timer and weekly reporting insights

We started with BlueStar for type 2 diabetes

BlueStar, powered by Welldoc, is a scalable, digital program for type 2 diabetes. It offers precision feedback driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Harnessing the power of AI allows smart care guidance to scale across your population.

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Building out the BlueStar platform to support multiple chronic conditions

  • Hypertension
  • Heart Failure
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Type 2 Diabetes


Type 2 Diabetes Management


Heart Failure Management


Hypertension Management


Digital Diabetes Prevention Program

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Michelle Martin

VP, Employee Engagement

CBS Corporation

Our employees have really embraced BlueStar! With anytime, anywhere support, we are seeing higher engagement than anticipated. CBS is proud to offer this valuable program to our employees to help manage their chronic conditions and improve the quality of their lives - at work and at home.

Deliver game-changing software to your population

Discover how our device agnostic and scalable tools empower patients, employees and members as well as their existing care teams.

Candy Barnes' BlueStar Story

Candy Barnes bluestar results testimonial

Mansur Shomali, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Employee Spotlight

I help develop algorithms and product features that are informed by my experience as a practicing physician. Our digital health products not only help people with chronic conditions get better, but they support medical providers in making expert-level decisions.

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