Anand K. Iyer

Anand Iyer, PhD, MBA

Chief AI Officer

Anand is a respected global digital health innovator and leader—most known for his insights on and experience with technology, strategy and regulatory policy. Anand has been instrumental in Welldoc’s success and the development of BlueStar®, the first FDA-cleared digital therapeutic for adults with type 2 diabetes. Since joining Welldoc in 2008, he has held core leadership positions that included President and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer. In 2013, Anand was named “Maryland Healthcare Innovator of the Year” in the field of mobile health.

Prior to joining Welldoc, Anand was already an established, global thought leader in the wireless technology field. He had served as the Director of PRTM’s wireless consulting practice for 14 years, where helped companies take advantage of disruptive technologies, business models and process models enabled by advanced wireless technologies.

Anand was one of the co-founding Board members of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance and remains on the Board. He was also founder of the In-Building Wireless Alliance, and teaches advanced wireless technology courses to senior officers in the US Department of Defense at the Institute for Defense and Business. Prior to joining PRTM, Anand was a member of the scientific staff at Bell Northern Research and Nortel Networks. He holds an MS and a PhD in electrical and computer engineering with a focus on optical and digital pattern recognition, and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University. He also holds a BS in electrical and computer engineering from Carleton University.

Currently, Anand serves as Welldoc’s Chief AI Officer, focused on the essential advancement of Welldoc’s AI, data strategy and analytics framework.


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