Avinash Birnale

Avinash Birnale

Chief Technology Officer

Avinash Birnale is a digital technology leader, entrepreneur and evangelist who has played various roles to help achieve digital transformation for many Fortune 500 companies. Avinash consulted with Welldoc in the past as a Mobile Solution Architect. He worked with Endeavour Software Technologies in India and USA for 14 years and then for Genpact leading digital transformation journey for Retail, Healthcare and Banking customers. As technologists and thought leader, Avinash has architected many enterprise solutions involving mobile solutions all throughout his professional journey in the industry.

Avinash brings 18+ years of pure technical knowledge and experience to our team. In his last role with Endeavour he managed technology teams including R&D, Innovation, strategy and delivery. He became part of Genpact as Genpact acquired Endeavour in 2015. He was with Genpact until May 2018, where he led the product development for their engineering platform for robotic process automation governance. At Welldoc he is responsible for product engineering, technology. He is closely working with our partners and customers to enhance our platform and products.


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