Michael Pachos

Michael Pachos


Michael is the Head of Samsung Ventures for Eastern North America and a Managing Director.  Michael joined Samsung in 2008 as part of the Global Strategy Group in the Chairman’s Office. Michael then joined Samsung Ventures in 2009 transferred from Seoul to Silicon Valley in 2013, and moved to Boston in 2019. Investments include Novaled (Advanced materials company acquired by Samsung for $347M), PowerbyProxi (Wireless charging technology acquired by Apple), nLight (high-powered lasers, IPO in NASAQ).

Prior to Wharton, Michael co-founded the network security startup Global Velocity and he also was a CPU architect on several DEC Alpha and Intel Itanium processors.

Michael has an MBA from Wharton and a BS in Computer Engineering from WashU. In his spare time Michael enjoys sailing and visiting his hometown of NYC and adopted hometown of Seoul.


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