Skip Fleshman

Skip Fleshman

Board Observer

Skip Fleshman has been at Asset Management Ventures (“AMV”) since 2002 and is actively investing in companies that focus on digital health, mobile and data analytics.Skip was an officer in the United States Air Force where he first served as a fighter pilot flying the F-16. He flew 37 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm and also served as the wing expert in electronic combat systems and programs.

He then founded and served as COO of BGI which develops software for flight simulators and training solutions for the aviation industry. Skip is an advisor to Stanford’s StartX, Rock Health, Boston Children’s Hospital and the Hiller Aviation Museum.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis. Skip was a Sloan Fellow and received an M.S. in Management from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


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