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Success stories from the Welldoc® digital health app

“I found the Welldoc App quite easy. I’m really happy to have an [app] that works with everything.”

John, Welldoc User

Meet John, 73, of Portland, Oregon. Despite a family history of diabetes and general knowledge of the condition, John did not find managing his own health after his diagnosis to be as seamless as he’d hoped. Reflecting on his journey, he admits, “Unfortunately when you know a little, it could be very dangerous because you think you know it all.”

Initially, John struggled with his diabetes because he lacked a proper system for tracking his medication and blood glucose levels. However, in 2018, his dietician referred him to the Welldoc* App, which he eagerly embraced. As a former data scientist, John understood the importance of accurate data and how it can help you make better decisions.

Referring to his former profession, he explained, “In data processing, we had a saying, ‘Garbage in and garbage out.’ If you [input] garbage [data], it’s only [going to] give you back garbage [information]. However, if I have good numbers and I can keep a good record and tell my physician what’s going on – he’ll have a better chance of [making better treatment decisions] to help me go the right way.”

John now relies on the medication feature, food diary, and blood glucose monitor syncing functionality of the Welldoc App to help him navigate daily life as an individual living with diabetes. Thanks to his data-driven background and approach, he looks forward to sharing his monthly health report with his care team, which includes his endocrinologist, eye specialist, podiatrist, dietician and pharmacist.

“I enjoy logging and I enjoy data, so this helps me track everything. You need to have a handle on what you’re doing both physically and emotionally to know what’s going on – so you can let your physician know,” explains John. “[In particular, my pharmacist] raved about how [this] information was so useful to him …and I was glad that I could share that with him.”

Thanks to the Welldoc App, John now better manages his diabetes and has the time to focus on his three favorite things – church, judo and playing the online game, World of Warcraft. “I found the Welldoc App quite easy,” he said. “I’m really happy to have an [app] that works with everything.”**

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*Welldoc® Diabetes and Welldoc Diabetes Rx is an FDA-cleared medical device (“BlueStar”), intended for use by healthcare providers and their adult patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. For full labeling information, visit www.welldoc.com. The other Welldoc App products are non-FDA-cleared and intended to promote general wellness and education/self-management of various chronic disease states.

**This testimonial reflects the real-life experiences of a specific individual(s) using the Welldoc® app. The results shared are not representative of all eligible members who use the app; individual results vary.

The information we provide at welldoc.com is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace a consultation with a medical professional. Please inform your physician of any changes you make to your diet or lifestyle and discuss these changes with them. If you have questions or concerns about any medical conditions you may have, please contact your physician.


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