Testimonial: Maria’s Story

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Success stories from Welldoc’s digital health app, BlueStar®* 

After 32 years of working as a math teacher in Maryland, Maria decided to retire to Puerto Rico to begin a new chapter. Little did she know that this would also include a new health challenge – a diabetes diagnosis.

Initially in denial, Maria then turned to her trusted physician, Dr. Foster, for resources and support. He introduced her to BlueStar,  a digital health app that would help her learn how to navigate everyday life with diabetes with ease. As Maria began also attending weekly classes and working with a dietician, she felt more equipped with the necessary tools to take charge of her health. The Bluestar app was instrumental in giving Maria the opportunity to put what she learned into practice, offering real-time insights and guidance tailored to her unique needs.

Reflecting on her journey, Maria said, “When I use BlueStar, I’m aware of what’s going on. It’s given me discipline.” This newfound discipline translated into tangible results, with Maria losing an impressive 61 pounds and maintaining her progress for more than a year and a half. Central to her success was the ability to track her progress and generate insightful reports to share with her healthcare team.

For Maria, BlueStar was not only about managing diabetes; the app helped her reclaim her life and embrace a new sense of empowerment. “This is not a fast thing. It is going to be a lifestyle,” she emphasized, underscoring the importance of gradual progress and sustained effort. With a reduction in A1C levels for more than a year and a half, Maria stands as a testament to the transformative power of digital health when incorporated into daily life. 

One of Maria’s favorite BlueStar features was the app’s flexibility in accommodating diverse dietary preferences. As a Latina, Maria appreciated the ability to input custom food items, allowing her to receive recommendations from her dietician. This personalized approach helped Maria navigate the intricacies of managing her diet while savoring the flavors of her heritage. 

In Maria’s words, “Technology is helpful if you use it.” With BlueStar, Maria found more than a health management toolshe found a lifeline, a trusted companion that empowered her to take control of her health and live life to the fullest.** 

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*Welldoc® Diabetes and Welldoc Diabetes Rx is an FDA-cleared medical device (“BlueStar”), intended for use by healthcare providers and their adult patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. For full labeling information, visit www.welldoc.com. The other Welldoc App products are non-FDA-cleared and intended to promote general wellness and education/self-management of various chronic disease states. 

**This testimonial reflects the real-life experiences of a specific individual(s) using the BlueStar® app. The results shared are not representative of all eligible members who use the app; individual results vary. 

The information we provide at welldoc.com is not medical advice, nor is it intended to replace a consultation with a medical professional. Please inform your physician of any changes you make to your diet or lifestyle and discuss these changes with them. If you have questions or concerns about any medical conditions you may have, please contact your physician.


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