The Power of Integrated Peer Support and Digital Health


Welldoc continues to study how best integrate digital health solutions into care models. A collaborative study, Complementarity of Digital Health and Peer Support: "This Is What's Coming," was undertaken by Welldoc and Dr. Edwin Fisher PhD of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill along with Peers for Progress and Vanguard Medical Group. The focus was to assess the effectiveness of the Welldoc solution and peer support in providing health management and education for adults with Type 2 Diabetes in a primary care group practice setting.

Key Findings:

  • Impact of the use of Digital Management Apps (DMAs): in care may support healthcare professional interventions and may reduce A1c among individuals with type 2 diabetes.
  • Self-management attributes: Individual self-management behavioral changes were attributed to guidance and motivation from peer support coupled with enhanced patient-provider communications and shared decision-making enabled by the DMA.

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