Advancing Chronic Condition Management: A Conversation with Dr. Mansur Shomali

In a recent episode of “Pophealth Perspectives,” the Population Health Learning Network engaged in a thought-provoking dialogue with Dr. Mansur Shomali, a practicing endocrinologist and Chief Medical Officer at Welldoc. 

Dr. Mansur Shomali, Welldoc’s Chief Medical Officer, discussed the transformative impact of digital health on chronic condition management, patient care, and healthcare cost reduction with First Report Managed Care. 

Digital tools offer distinct advantages compared with traditional pharmaceutical treatments, including heightened efficacy, minimal side effects, and cost-effectiveness. In this conversation, Dr. Shomali emphasized the synergistic relationship between digital health and medication, suggesting improved patient outcomes through integrated care approaches. 

Addressing integration challenges, Dr. Shomali stressed the importance of standardized evaluation criteria to guide stakeholders effectively. He advocated for a balanced approach that encourages innovation while ensuring patient safety and efficacy in digital health solutions.  


The dialogue explored the evolving landscape of digital health in diabetes care, touching upon regulatory considerations and their impact on healthcare resource utilization costs. Dr. Shomali underscored the necessity for holistic approaches, advocating for seamless integration with clinical care plans to maximize patient benefits. 

Dr. Shomali’s insights emphasized the transformative potential of digital solutions, like Welldoc, in empowering patients and providers to embrace innovation for improved health outcomes. 

Hear the full conversation on First Report Managed Care’s podcast or watch the video.

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