Coproducing Health at Home

Health at home with Stacie Ruth

Insights on connecting patients and providers by extending beyond traditional care

During a recent virtual summit, one concept was central to each keynote presentation: coproducing health at home. Welldoc hosted the event in partnership with TytoCareand Zipline to discuss trends in digital health and more. Dr. Vivian Lee (Verily), Dr. Robert Huckman (Harvard Business School), and Stacie Ruth (Best Buy Health) were fantastic keynote speakers. Here are a few takeaways.

Health at Home

Stacie Ruth recently joined Best Buy Health as Senior Vice President of Virtual Care and shared an inside look into Best Buy Health’s strategy. Building from strength in retail, Best Buy is expanding efforts to connect patients and providers. Therefore, consumer health, active aging, and virtual care are three core areas of focus.

With a technology brand trusted by consumers, Best Buy understands consumers in their homes and can deliver a seamless customer experience. Enriching lives through technology and meaningful connections can be done at home. Many discussions connected back to this theme of health starting at home throughout the virtual summit.

Health at home

Concept of Coproducing Health

Dr. Vivian Lee, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A., discussed the importance of shifting to a value-based system. To kick off her presentation, Vivian shared a quote from Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Many digital health innovators embrace this and celebrate new ideas and change. Above all, Vivian connected this to the importance of empowering frontline clinicians to engage fully.

Coproduction of healthcare service is a concept Maren Batalden and Paul Bataldendeveloped. Based on the economic theory of coproduced services, the idea is that healthcare is not a product. It is instead a service cocreated by patients and providers. From Vivian’s perspective, digital health has the opportunity to realize change. Digital health can truly engage patients in coproducing their health along with providers.

Vivian Lee of Verily Photo and Quote

Shared Responsibility between Patients and Providers

Dr. Robert Huckman tied the day together in a final keynote presentation posing the question, “Can consumers, tech, and retailers fix healthcare?”

After that, he emphasized that to strengthen relationships between patients and providers, clinicians need to act more like their patients. For instance, by helping to ensure that patients are able to comply with prescribed treatment. Patients need to act more like their clinicians by comparing treatment options in terms of clinical outcome, quality of life, and cost. 

This shared responsibility of incentive, access to information, and the ability to act on it establishes the coproduction of healthcare between patients and providers.

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