Drones, Devices, and Digital Health: 4 Virtual Summit Takeaways

Round table discussion with Keith Reynolds, Welldoc

Discussing emerging trends in healthcare with industry leaders and innovators

In partnership with TytoCare and ZiplineWelldoc hosted a virtual summit in early March to discuss trends in digital health and more. The summit included keynote presentations from Dr. Vivian Lee (Verily), Dr. Robert Huckman (Harvard Business School), and Stacie Ruth (Best Buy Health).

Attendees listened to additional industry conversations with Marc Harrison(Intermountain), Keller Rinaudo (Zipline), David Bardan (TytoCare), and Dr. Nick Patel(Prisma Health). Throughout the event, we noticed four key themes that resonated. Here are some takeaways.

Themes Graphic
  • Health at Home: Gone are the days when a patient will wait weeks for care. With new technology, healthcare can start right at home.
  • Coproducing Health Solutions: Engaging patients in coproducing their health along with providers can help them lead active, independent lives by self-monitoring their chronic conditions. 
  • Extending beyond Traditional Care: COVID-19 has ushered in a new healthcare model. As we reimagine the future of healthcare, this summit explored how scalability and personalization of care are accelerating disruptions in care delivery.
  • Accessibility of Care: Consumers want a healthcare model that’s accessible with telemedicine options.

As part of the summit, Welldoc featured a fireside chat between Xealth CEO MikeMcSherry and our COO Keith Reynolds, to discuss how we help patients and providers connect. Watch the video below for Mike’s thoughts on emerging digital health trends during COVID-19.

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