Science Based
Human Designed

Welldoc's award-winning digital health solution, BlueStar®, is a digital assistant for people with diabetes

A person with diabetes spends 8,760 hours per year self-managing their condition.

They spend only 28 minutes a year with their provider, who is responsible for all treatment regimens.


It's time for always-on guidance and support

BlueStar, a digital health solution for people aged 18 years and older who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, provides tailored guidance driven by artificial intelligence. Without waiting for a phone call or message from a privately employed coach, users get discrete, 24/7 coaching and support.

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Digital Health Solutions for Informed Care Guidance

BlueStar collects and analyzes health data to provide precision, real-time feedback and intelligent coaching driven by more than blood glucose.

Connects to the Existing Care Team

All of Welldoc's software products bridge the gap between the person and the provider. We believe a fragmented health care is less healthful healthcare, so we work tirelessly to unify person, provider, payer experiences.

Software development grounded in science

Welldoc's flagship product, BlueStar, has been studied in an industry-leading 40+ peer-reviewed publications, posters, and presentations. We want to build software that works, but also know when it doesn't. That way, we refine and perfect. Always.

Holistic Support of Diabetes Care

We focus on six dimensions of chronic disease care. These six dimensions are common across many chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and heart failure.

Activity &

Diet Tracking &
Meal Planning

Social Determinants
of Health

Lab Results
and Data




members can connect to their care teams via self generated health data on bluestar app

Advanced clinical decision support built from the ground up

BlueStar generates a SMART Visit Report on the back end of our product. This can be delivered via email or fax to a user's primary care doctor, endocrinologist, nurse practitioner, etc. This report contains clinical decision support (CDS) for more productive care team visits.

FDA cleared

Seven 510 (k) clearances, OTC, and Rx

Fully HIPAA compliant


SOC 2 certified


ISO 13485 certified

ISO 13485