Top 3 Factors Driving Health Plan Member Engagement in Digital Health Tools

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Hear from Sourav Chaudhuri, Chief Strategy Officer at US Family Health Plan on how they are innovating updated care models to serve their members and how the Welldoc platform is helping them accomplish this.

Last month, Sourav Chaudhuri, Chief Strategy Officer at US Family Health Plan (USFHP), participated in the thinc360 Healthcare Innovation Congress in Washington, DC from June 20-22, 2023. Joining him were three esteemed panelists, which included Mark Olson of RecoveryOne, Dr. Stuart Hart of Integra LifeSciences, and Stephanie Bayer of Cleveland Clinic. Together, they engaged in discussions centered around fostering meaningful engagement and transforming care by leveraging digital health. 

This blog highlights key takeaways from the event, including highlights of USFHP’s Approach to Member Care:

Sourav emphasized the distinctive population they serve, stating, “USFHP encompasses military retirees and the family members of active duty, activated National Guard and Reserves.  Our healthcare providers possess a deep understanding of military culture and the unique aspects of care associated with the military community. The program model of USFHP revolves around a patient-centered approach to prevention, offering over 40 disease management programs.”

Top Factors Driving Member Engagement in Digital Health Tools:

Based on Sourav’s insights on the panel, here are the top three factors that health plans believe drive member engagement in digital tools:

  • Accountability: As a longstanding partner, USFHP has successfully implemented the Welldoc platform as an extension of their chronic care program. Sourav shared his goal for utilizing digital technology, stating, “We’re focused on partnering with Welldoc to empower our members to track their care and take ownership of managing their condition by utilizing digital tools which will have an impact on their health outcomes.”

  • Omni-channel approach: To deliver a personalized experience, digital health solutions must deeply understand the members of a health plan and address their specific needs, as well as reach them in the ways they best communicate. “Welldoc is adding value for our members by focusing on keeping them engaged and managing their chronic conditions. It’s a simple, seamless app, and we’re able to keep members engaged through various outreach, including reminders through SMS.”

  • Member Connectivity: Facilitating connections between members and their care teams is crucial in alleviating clinical burdens and enabling healthcare professionals to practice at the highest level of their capabilities. Sourav highlighted how the Welldoc platform elevates engagement with their current care teams, stating, “Members can share higher-level insights on their data trends by sending a report weekly or monthly to their providers.

The thinc360 Healthcare Innovation Congress provided a platform for thought leaders like Sourav Chaudhuri to discuss the transformative potential of digital health. USFHP’s approach to member care and the key factors driving member engagement in digital tools shed light on the future of healthcare delivery. By embracing accountability, adopting an omni-channel approach, and facilitating member connectivity, health plans can create meaningful engagement and empower their members to take control of their health.  

Welldoc is honored to be partnering with USFHP to support those individuals who have served our country and their families.

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