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Welldoc’s AI-driven chronic care platform provides personalized digital coaching and connected experiences – in real-time – to empower people to better manage their health.

Support Care Anywhere
From the exam room to the living room, allow people to connect to the care they need – when and where they need it.

Shift to Total Health
Power new models of care with AI that transforms treatments and drives real-time, personalized interventions – at scale – to help manage chronic conditions and comorbidities.

Connect Data for Connected Care
Aggregate an individual’s health and lifestyle data, helping people and their care teams make informed and actionable shared health decisions.

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LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring and maker of the OneTouch® brand, and Welldoc present findings of a real-world observational study with one of the country’s leading health plans.

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One of the country’s largest safety net health systems partnered with Welldoc to implement a digital health platform for diabetes aimed at improving blood
glucose management.

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In this white paper, Welldoc presents the key enablers to overcome barriers to the adoption of digital health solutions.

Welldoc’s BlueStar® may be covered under one or more of the following United States Patents: 8,838,513; 9,064,040; 9,536,053; 9,754,077; 9,824,190; 9,858,394; 9,881,136; 10,152,675; 10,176,893; 10,192,638; 10,672,509; 10,748,658; 10,818,389.10; 10,839,951; 10,854,337; 10,846,607; 860,943; 10,872,686; 10,937,535; 10,978,207; 11,147,480. Additional patents outside of the US: No. 2017263835. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the America Invents Act and 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). Additional patents may be issued or pending in the US and elsewhere.

Taking Diabetes Self-Management to the Next Level