Welldoc and Redox Partner to Optimize Provider Interaction with Chronic Disease Management Platform

Partnership ensures bidirectional integration with EHRs and insights available at the point of care

MADISON, WI—February 25, 2020Welldoc, a leading digital health company revolutionizing chronic disease management, announced today its strategic partnership with Redox Inc., the leading interoperability platform for healthcare data exchange. The partnership will allow providers to receive and review insights about users of the BlueStar® digital health app for diabetes management directly within their EHR at the point of care. With a shared vision to improve health outcomes of patients and alleviate physician burden, Welldoc and Redox are positioned to optimize clinical decision support by making more patient data available in real time. This is critical for patients managing a chronic disease.

“To be successful, digital health solutions require frictionless data flow for the consumer and clinicians. We have done that for the consumer with integrations into their devices,” said Welldoc Chief Strategy Officer Anand Iyer. “Redox has taken an inside-out approach with the interoperability of EHRs, which is why we are excited to partner with them. Together, we are paving the way for the entire industry.”

With one in four American adults managing multiple chronic conditions today, patients are seeking ways to better self-manage health outside of the clinical setting. BlueStar provides precise, AI-based real-time feedback focused on engaging patients to manage their health with clinical decision support.

Welldoc’s digital health tools work with the Redox network to ensure products are capable and securely executing meaningful, bidirectional integration workflows with a vendor-agnostic platform for healthcare data exchange. Today, more than 600 healthcare organizations using 45 EHR vendors trust Redox to strategically integrate digital health solutions into their day-to-day operations. Through this partnership, Welldoc’s BlueStar is immediately interoperable with any organization using Redox for healthcare data exchange to optimize the provider and patient experience.

“Digital therapeutics done right is a godsend for patients managing a chronic disease,” said Luke Bonney, co-founder and CEO of Redox. “The power of a caregiver in your pocket 24/7 cannot be overstated. Welldoc is fundamentally changing the way patients live with diabetes and establishing a standard for the industry with a commitment to integrations with CGMs, wearables, and EHRs. We are excited and proud to be a part of Welldoc’s mission and to ensure that the actionable insights derived by the BlueStar platform are made available to providers in an optimal way.”

The digital transformation of healthcare will continue to gain momentum in 2020 based on growing interest from healthcare providers, pharma and insurance companies, and tech giants. Both Redox and Welldoc are working toward making digital health a driving force toward improving the health of those individuals living with chronic disease.

About Welldoc

Welldoc®, a founding member of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance, is a pioneer in revolutionizing chronic disease management to help transform lives. BlueStar® was the first FDA-cleared digital health solution that guides individuals through the complicated journey of living with diabetes. By helping individuals with chronic disease self-manage their conditions and connecting them to their own healthcare team, Welldoc streamlines payers, employers and healthcare systems resources by focusing on a digital health solution to help better manage their populations living with multiple and costly chronic diseases. Having conducted several randomized clinical trials, demonstration projects, and real-world studies resulting in 45 peer-reviewed publications, Welldoc is based on a life science model. BlueStar has been recognized by IQVIA in 2017 as the “Top App” for type 2 diabetes treatment, awarded Diabetes Technology Society’s 2019 Digital Diabetes Congress Mobile App Contest in the “Established App” category, and MedTech Breakthrough’s 2019 “Best Personal Health App” award. Welldoc has created a suite of products that apply across a chronic disease domain. In 2019, Welldoc received its 10th patent with 9 others pending. For more information, visit www.welldoc.com.

About Redox

Redox accelerates the development and distribution of healthcare software solutions with a full-service integration platform to securely and efficiently exchange healthcare data. With just one connection, data can be transmitted across a growing network of more than 500 healthcare delivery organizations and 250 independent software vendors. Members of the Redox Network exchange more than 7 million patient records per day, leveraging a single data standard compatible with more than 40 electronic health record systems. Learn how you can leverage the Redox Platform at www.redoxengine.com. Please follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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