Peer Reviewed and Proven

Welldoc is passionately committed to human health through a focus on clinical outcomes. Our 40+ peer-reviewed publications and posters prove it.

Smarter Engagement

It’s about intuitive nudges and prompts that reward effort by getting smarter and more helpful with each interaction. Users interact with BlueStar on average 13-24 times per week.

Better Data. Better Results.

Welldoc conducted a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial (RCT) to see how BlueStar (DiabetesManager®) impacted A1C (average blood sugar over two to three months). RCTs minimize error margins and bias in reporting. That means clinical results without the cherrypicking.

Average A1C on BlueStar

A1C Improvement 1

With BlueStar

A1C Improvement

Usual Care

“BlueStar is built on science, backed with clinical practice guidelines with partnership in behavior science principles. We're constantly looking at the American Diabetes Association clinical practice guidelines and assure feedback provided to users is consistent with American Association of Diabetes Educators framework.”

Janice MacLeod, MA, RDN, LDN, CDE
Director of Clinical Innovation

Peer-Reviewed and Proven

BlueStar’s® (DiabetesManager®) Clinical Efficacy Is Demonstrated in 40+ Peer-Reviewed Publications and Posters.


Cost Savings that Adds Up

BlueStar (DiabetesManager®) results in savings, on average, between $254 to $271 per-user, per-month (A1C > 7). Based on analysis by Truven Health Analytics, part of IBM Watson Health, of 10,000 patients2.

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1 Quinn CC, et al. Diabetes Technol Ther. 2008;10(3):160-168. Quinn CC, et al. Diabetes Care. 2011:34(9):1934-1942.. Richard Katz, MD; George Washington University Medical Center; Journal of Health Communication, December 2011. Quinn, CC, et al. Glycemic Control: Impact on Physician Prescribing Behavior, Presentation ADA 72nd Scientific Sessions, 2012. Tang PY, et al. eHealth-Assisted Lay Health Coaching for Diabetes Self-Management Support American Diabetes Association 76th Scientific Sessions Poster Presentation 2016.

2 Truven MarketScan Database: Annual Cost Per Patient is average amount paid for any healthcare claim within 365 days for: 1) patients with at least two lab results within the same A1c range ; and 2) patients with four lab results within the same A1c range. Percentage in Band Today is based on national attrition levels in Truven database.