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If you are interested in learning more from the experts at Welldoc, we have plenty of news and insights on patient engagement to share in the coming weeks. Our leadership team will present posters and join panels on digital health from both clinical and commercial perspectives.

We recently shared announcements on our partnerships with LillyDexcom, and WPS, and we look forward to sharing more news from Welldoc in addition to valuable data and insights during these events.

Mark your calendar. Here’s our schedule, and more details on what to expect are below:

Upcoming events in June with Welldoc thought leaders including ANDHealth, ATTD, ADA, MarketsandMarkets

Disruptions in Digital Health

Patient engagement is rapidly evolving hand-in-hand with the digital health landscape. Enabling individuals to manage risks, support their health and wellness, and improve overall quality of life – all within their unique values and life circumstances – is critical.

This is just one of many aspects of digital health that are disruptions in the traditional pattern of healthcare. Marina Dorotheo will join the MarketsandMarkets panel to share insights on patient engagement and how telehealth companies should focus on these key capabilities for accelerating development and commercialization.

Digital Health Data Analytics and Clinical Validation

Thanks to our continued health data analytics partnership with the University of Maryland Center for Health Information & Decision Systems (CHIDS), we are uncovering the next layer of data. We are committed to clinical validation and demonstrating the value of digital health solutions amplifying traditional chronic care.

Mansur Shomali will be presenting Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) posters alongside our partners at CHIDS. The new findings speak to patient engagement especially. We are establishing predictive blood glucose and continuous glucose monitoring patterns for diabetes management.

Read more about our work with CHIDS here.

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