Alice Chapman

Alice Chapman, MS, RDN, CDE


Alice is a registered, licensed dietitian and certified diabetes educator specializing in educating patients in nutrition and management of diabetes. Alice uses basic guidelines of nutrition with some innovative techniques of her own to guide clients with diabetes to live a vibrant, productive life.

Alice started her career as a food service supervisor in a small town hospital. Later acquired her Master of Science Degree in Food Science and Nutrition became a consultant dietitian and certified diabetes educator working in a large physician clinic. Alice initiated, organized and developed the diabetes program for McKenzie Medical Center Diabetes Clinic and served as program coordinator and class instructor for the past 6 years.

One of her finest achievements was I managed a pilot study monitoring patients blood glucose electronically. Through personal intervention with the patient and healthcare team giving recommendations to improve blood glucose. At the end of the pilot study there was a decrease in A1c by 1.22% of those patients who participated.

Alice experiences have allowed her to work with interdisciplinary teams in a variety of settings each with unique challenges. Alice is passionate about working with clients to better understand their point of view regarding management of diabetes and guiding them to adherence and development of healthy outcomes dealing with this disease. Alice uses her sense of humor to lighten a mood and give perspective to difficult situations when a client is dealing with issues of controlling diabetes.