COVID-19 Resources

Man wearing a mask on the computer with hand sanitizer nearby

Workplace Safety During COVID-19

We are now reaching a point in the fight against COVID-19 where businesses are reopening and employees are returning to the workplace. For businesses that can still operate remotely, it may be much longer before employees return, but we can all take steps to prepare for these changes now. One important factor to consider is …

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COVID-19 Digital Health Webinars

The digital health industry is now faced with incredible challenges and opportunities because of COVID-19. The workplace has changed too, and while many of us navigate through remote work, we are seeing more and more webinars and virtual events for the digital health industry to communicate, collaborate, and innovate together. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Dr. …

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Dr. Anand K. Iyer, PhD, MBA Chief Strategy Officer, Welldoc, Inc.

COVID-19: A Note from our Chief Strategy Officer

A paradigm shift is now rearing its head in healthcare: Rather than you going to your healthcare services, they need to come to you.  Thomas Friedman coined this shift years ago in “The World is Flat” as “mobile-me.” Our team at Welldoc has believed in this for many years and it’s at the core of what we do. And …

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COVID-19: A Note from our SVP of Clinical Services

In this challenging time, it is hard for us to balance and even determine what our priorities are as the external world is changing day to day. For people with diabetes, there is an additional layer of challenges – that darn disease that we keep hearing about every time the newscasters speak about COVID-19. What …

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Chief Medical Officer

COVID-19: A Note from our Chief Medical Officer

Here at Welldoc, our passion is helping people living with chronic diseases by providing digital health solutions. This population is now at high risk of serious illness due to the alarming and unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. We applaud everyone in the healthcare industry working tirelessly to keep people well. We understand how disruptive yet how …

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